Quality Policy

“Ayel Endüstriyel Yıkama Sistemleri İmalat San.Ve Tic.Ltd.Sti.”aims to keep increase effectiveness of success in the sector deals with in the national / international market. For this purpose;

  • Creates studies for new product / sales strategies to increase the strength in the market.
  • Trains employees for business success, follows their individual achievements to support them to be act as a team and reward them.
  • Developes healthy and good relationships with suppliers and gives the necessary support to them for joint success.
  • Measures the satisfaction of customers looking for ways to make them more happy, accepts customer satisfaction as the basic philosophy around quality, health and environmental laws and rules while keeping continuous research, renovation and development operations to provide quality products and services for customers.
  • Values its employees, measures the happiness of them and develop techniques for their happiness.
  • Provides new business opportunities for the country to increase employment.
  • Efforts to comply with all requirements of the quality management system.
  • Identifies various management policies and strategies, sets annual targets, measure results and improves these objectives continuously to achieve business objectives of the company.
  • Meets the today’s and future needs of customers in the sector in the best way.

Quality Target

  • To measure the satisfaction of  employees, analyzes and tracks.
  • To measure the satisfaction of customers, analyzes and tracks.
  • To reach new customers and analyze current customers continuously, track, make persistent efforts for customer service.
  • To train employees on technical, social and motivational issues continuously. 
  • To visit sectoral national and international fairs, be participant in major trade fairs.
  • To increase employment capacity every year.
  • To keep quality system active, explain the developments on these systems to the employees, customers, environment and the public, and enable them to absorb the best of these systems.


ISO 9001 : 2000 Quality Management System

Our company is making an effort to fulfill the requirements of the ISO 9001 Quality Management system in all processes. It is known that the quality has an important place in the future of our business. Our company is determined and committed to invest in infrastructure and activities of all kinds in order not to compromise on quality. Müşteri odaklı çalışarak, istek ve beklentilerin eksiksiz karşılanması ve müşteri tatmininin sağlanması temel kalite politikamızdır. Firma üst yönetimi, müşteri isteklerinin öğrenilmesi ve firma sisteminin bu istekler doğrultusunda adapte edilmesi için gerekli alt yapıyı oluşturmaktan sorumludur. 


Customer Focused Approach

Meeting the demands and expectations ensuring complete customer satisfaction is our basic quality policy.Company senior management is responsible for creating the infrastructure needed to learn the customer requests and adopt the system in line with these requests.

Customer requests and requirements are generally specified in the order form or in contract conditions and the company officials revise the conditions by taking into consideration legal provisions.

Sectoral information is circulated within the company obtained by dealing with this issue through publications or participation in meetings.

Continious growth to ensure the satisfaction of our customers and having developed organization is the main issue we care about.



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