About Us

AYEL founded in 2001 is manufacturing industrial cleaning machines and stailess steel pumps. AYEL has an increasing trend of growth  with innovative affairs and R&D studies  togetherwith expert team since the time of foundation and has a reasonable reputation in domestic and foreign market.

AYEL strengthened its position in both domestic and foreign market complied with ISO 9001 and CE standards rated in 2004. Besides, AYEL accelerated its development of production quality and technology by means of a certificated utility model enhanced by own which is adopted to the cleaning machine spiral and dipping/sprey type. AYEL also deals with manufacturing tailor-made cleaning machines for all sectors.

“Ayel Endüstriyel Yıkama Sistemleri San.Ltd.Şti.” , having continuous evolving, is completed the R&D studies on stainless steel centrifuge pumps and started manufacturing that is a new investment out of its main subject.

We will continue to serve with unconditional customer satisfaction for our valued customers.

We are proud of producing domestic goods products and providing added value to the national economy.


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